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SoundCloud Get Group Moderators

Returns a collection of moderators of the group with group id

Stack Exchange Get User Moderators

Gets those users on a site who can exercise moderation powers. Note, employees of Stack Exchange Inc. will be returned if they have been granted moderation powers on a site even if they have never been appointed or elected explicitly. This metho...

Stack Exchange Get Users Moderators Elected

Returns those users on a site who both have moderator powers, and were actually elected. This method excludes Stack Exchange Inc. employees, unless they were actually elected moderators on a site (which can only have happened prior to their empl...

YouTube Delete Live Chat Moderators

Delete livechat moderators

YouTube Get Live Chat Moderators

Lists moderators for a live chat.

YouTube Parameters Live Chat Moderators

Parameters livechat moderators

YouTube Add Live Chat Moderators

Adds a new moderator for the chat.

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